I totally doubt any1 will ever visit this section of the website, but if you have, your a cool dude:) Um k my name's vanessa and I've been an *NSYNC fan for over 3 years (they should have support groups for this sort of thing) I'm also 16 and have been to 5 concerts. I do not know *NSYNC personally. Yes, I have met them (don't hate me cause I'm lucky) but we ain't tight *tear*. I love working on my websites so if you ever need help email or IM me and I'll be happy to give you a hand. If any1 wants to trade concert experiences or chat or whatever u can contact me too. O yeah and guys this is important- I don't approve of people trying to visit the *Nsync at their homes 'cause they do a lot of good things for their fans and they need a lil down time every once in a while k?