I Am NOT Nsync.

I can not get any messages from you to nsync.

I can not get any messages from nsync to you.

This site is probably enfringing on a shitload of copyrights since it is made with out the permission of nsync.

Yes I do reserve the right to swear. *gasp* I am a grown person, deal!

I Am Not Nsync.

I reserve the right to bitch about any artist *coughBritneycoughSpearscoughcough* that I do not like. It is called freedom of speach. It is in a little something called the Bill of Rights- America is a Kick Ass country!

If I complain about people I don't like that does not mean I am jealous, it does not mean I am insecure, and it does not mean I am mean.- It is called having a mind of my own.

I Am Not Nsync.

I will make fun of nsync. *gasp* It does not mean I hate them. When one is so extremely obsessive about something it's good to have a SENSE OF HUMOR about it.

You reserve the right to send me hate mail.

If you send me hate mail I WILL post it on this site and make fun of you until it ceases to amuse me- yes I can do that.

Lastly -and I can not stress this enough- I Am NOT James "Lance" Bass, Joseph Fatone JR., Justin Timberlake, Joshua "JC" Chasez, or Chistopher Kirkpatrick.