Flight 112


“Okay let me make sure I have this right. You’ll be
here at 11:17 from American Airlines on flight 112?” I
asked. My smile grew wider as I heard the response.

“Okay I’ll see you soon,” I said before hanging up.

“I love you too,” I added.

After I set the phone back down on the hook I glanced
up at the clock and realized I still had over seven
hours before I had to leave for the airport. With that
in mind I decided to take a nap before getting ready
to leave.

As I drifted off to sleep I thought about my
adventures for the next few days. My longtime
boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, was coming to town this
evening and wanted me to pick him up at the airport.
The following morning we would then fly to Las Vegas
where Justin and the rest of ‘N Sync would attend the
Radio Music Awards.


I took my time in getting ready. I had slept for four
hours and taken a long, hot bath and was pampering
myself to the fullest extent before I was finally
satisfied with myself. I wanted to look great when I
picked up Justin from the airport considering that we
hadn’t seen each other for almost two months. It’d
been really hard at first to be separated from each
other, but it only made our relationship stronger in
the long run. We were both happy with our lives at the
moment and couldn’t ask for more. Justin along with
the rest of ‘N Sync were very successful in America
and several other countries. They’d already completed
two sold out tours and were kicking off another world
tour this summer. Myself, on the other hand, had a
very exciting job and several friends to keep busy
with while Justin was away on tour. I worked at the
day care in a community hospital here in Chicago. The
children ranged from age four to ten. All I had to do
was make sure they were fed and had fun. Basically I
got to sit on my butt all day and play with toys. Life
was going great for both of us.

Justin’s flight didn’t arrive for another hour and the
airport was only twenty minutes from my apartment but
I wanted to get there early. It’d been so long since
I’d been to the airport so I just wanted to make sure
that I got there in plenty of time and didn’t get

The clock on my car said 10:34 as I pulled into an
empty space in the airport parking lot. After I cut
the engine I quickly glanced in my rear view mirror
for one last check up. Happy with what I saw I got out
my car and headed toward the main entrance. Even
though Justin wasn’t going to be here for a while I
still walked fast. I was excited beyond words and the
quicker I got inside and to his gate the happier I
would be.

Once inside I was directed toward a long time behind a
service counter only to receive a one word answer;
“seven.” Gate number seven was where I’d see my love.
In all the excitement of getting ready I forgot to
stop at the green house and buy a rose so I bought a
fake violet one at the gift shop. It was the closest
they had to blue.

Once I found gate seven I noticed a snack bar not too
far away. In my hurry to get here I’d lost some breath
and my throat was becoming rather dry. I couldn’t
believe the price for bottled water these days, but my
thirst was too strong to argue. Once I finished at the
snack bar with water in my stomach and three dollars
missing from my pocket I was glad that I’d be leaving
soon. I’d forgotten to eat before coming here but I
wasn’t hungry enough to pay fifteen dollars for my

When I returned from my whole rendezvous at the snack
bar I realized that more time had gone by than I
thought. In less than ten minutes Justin would be in
my arms and by this point I was so excited that I was
about ready to piss myself. Fortunately, that feeling
of relieving myself only lasted for a moment longer.


“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We’re sorry to
inform you that flight 112 at gate seven will be
delayed until 1 AM. I repeat, flight 112 at gate seven
is delayed until 1 AM. Thank you.”

’Damn!’ I thought. I was crushed. I’d waited to long
for this and now the flight was delayed! I didn’t know
what to do. I couldn’t just sit here for the next hour
and forty-five minutes. I needed something to keep me
busy so I wouldn’t think about what to do until Justin
arrived. ’Food.’ I thought as a smile spread across my
face. Food always made me feel better. I was hungry
anyway and had plenty of time to leave the airport so
I headed toward my car. Within minutes I was inside
KFC ordering some nice, juicy, hot chicken fingers
with extra BBQ sauce. Always a good choice when you’re
alone and bored.

Even though I knew I’d have to wait I still wanted to
hurry and get back to the airport. However, going back
was a little tricky though. There seemed to be more
people at the airport and I literally had to park a
mile away so I had to haul ass to catch the shuttle
bus on time.

When I finally arrived back at the familiar gate seven
I was more excited than ever even though I still had a
forty-minute wait. I sat so I was facing the terminal
gate so Justin could see me as soon as he stepped out.
Every few minutes I would glance at my watch and wish
the time would go faster. This pattern continued until
one AM rolled around. For the first twenty minutes
after one the number of my glances toward my watch
decreased along with my excitement for seeing Justin.
It was replaced with worry and disappointment.

At 1:25 I went to a nearby service desk to ask about
the delay. I had to wait ten minutes in line just to
get to the desk. Then I had to wait even longer until
the middle-aged dark hared women got off the phone.

“Can I help you?” she asked with a fake smile.

“Can you please tell me why flight 112 isn’t here
yet?” I asked.

“You didn’t here?”

“Only that it was delayed until 1:00 but now seeing as
it’s almost 2:00 in the morning and my boyfriend still
isn’t here I’m a little worried and confused.” I

“Well, we made an announcement a little before

“I wasn’t here. I left to get something to eat.” I
said getting a little pissed. Why was she stalling?
The longer she took before telling me the worse I
assumed about the situation.

“We made an announcement stating that…” she started
before being interrupted by a phone. “Just one
moment,” she told the caller after a few seconds.
“Here,” she said handing me a piece of paper.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“The news about flight 112.” She said.

I kindly said ’thanks’ on my departure from her desk
and received a quick nod from her in return. I
returned to my seat at gate 112 hoping that the paper
I was holding in my hand was blank and Justin would
step out of the terminal any second now. But after a
few minutes of waiting I realized it was helpless. I
had to read that paper and I feared it did not bring
good news.


Please make an announcement of the following:
Attention waiters of flight 112, we regret to inform
you that this flight has crashed with no possible

No, I couldn’t believe it. I was too shocked to even
move, let alone say anything. All I could think of was
seeing Justin and now he was gone. I saw people
walking around me to get to their respected gates to
pick up their loved ones. Next time I will get to see
mine will be while he’s getting lowered six feet

I was the last to find out about the crash. A million
thoughts kept running through my mind and I kept
coming across the last one: no possible survivors. It
couldn’t be true. It just couldn’t be. As much as my
mind tried to deny what was on the paper in front of
me, my heart wouldn’t let me. This aching feeling came
over me, filling my entire body, in a matter of
minutes. An empty feeling soon took over the part of
my heart that belonged to Justin. I wanted to run and
scream but my legs were paralyzed but the latter

I began to yell as I felt my legs come back to life,
“No, Justin! You can’t be dead!” I jumped up and ran
toward the terminal door that Justin was supposed to
arrive at and began banging on it. “Justin! Where are
you Justin? Someone help me find him! Justin where are


“Meghann! Meghann!”

“Justin! Where are you?” I screamed.

“Meghann! Wake up!”

I awoke in a pool of sweat with my bed covers wrapped
around me in knots. I could feel a pair of strong arms
shaking my shoulders lightly and a male voice calling
my name.

“Justin is that you?” I asked slowly opening my eyes.

“You were having a bad dream baby, but I’m here now,”
a male voice reassured me.

“How did you get here Justin?” I asked.

“I took a cab.  You forgot to pick me up at the