You played yourself...
How long wil you last before the game is over?

*Nsync Pac Man

Out Smart Lance and Joey- it's totally filed w/ On the Line promo but it's alot of fun

Create-a-boyband Mine was a total hit!

After being picked up, pampered and then dropped by starmaker/boy band guru Lou Pearlman, Sugar take over MTV headquarters in Times Square armed with AK-47s, and force Carson Daly to play the "lick it" video for 24 hours straight, until the President calls in the National Guard. Their boy band- gone-bad story makes them a hit with Eminem, who samples "lick it" in his new single "Boy Band Gangstas." They become the first band to hit platinum while all members are serving hard time. They are currently working on a follow-up album and better dance moves.