Entertainment Tonight: What is this like for you? You have had a lot of success already, but this McDonalds thing looks like it is going to be big.

CHRIS KIRKPATRICK: It is awesome! We get to be on the cups and the fries! We are making them collector's items. Even though they aren't, we are collecting them.

ET: What is your favorite food here at McDonalds?

LANCE BASS: The apple pies, but we like the fried apple pies. We are starting a new campaign called "Bring Back the Fried Apple Pies!"

ET: Tell us about the CD. What can your fans expect?

Justin: Well, we had a big hit called "Bye Bye Bye." There is a really cool remix that Teddy Reilly did. Other than that, there is an acappella song that we have on our album. There are also two tracks that have never been released before. It is really cool to get to show our fans new music. A lot of our fans go to McDonalds so that makes everything easier.

ET: Who wants to talk on HBO?

Chris: I thought we were on ET?

ET: You are, but tell us about it.

Lance: HBO is going to be awesome. It is just like McDonalds. It is such a prestigious thing to do. We have watched all of the specials that they have done, and this is the biggest one. They have 32 cameras. It is going to be huge. It will be live at Madison Square Garden. So if we mess up, you will see it. It is going to be so fun.

ET: Your Detroit show is going to be done for the big screen too, right?

Justin: Yes, for Eye Works. It is going to be in giant screen format. It will be eight stories high. A lot of it will be shown in Europe. We are not going to be over there touring, but we are going to be over there doing promotions for Eye Works.

ET: You do have busy schedules. A lot of people want to know your every move. It looks like this behind the scenes video is going to give your fans what they want.

Chris: This guy here actually runs the camera for us. It is Joey's brother. He captures our every day lives. They are going to get to see what our personalities are like off the camera. We are so use to him just hanging out. They will get to see a different side to us.

ET: Is this all fun for you, the whole McDonalds campaign and commercials?

Justin: Totally! We have fun with everything that we do. We love the music that we do and the fans. Before we had fans, we just loved the music. Now that we have fans, we love them too! And we love McDonalds!

ET: Is this all publicity, the Justin and Britney thing?

JOSHUA CHASEZ: The engagement thing was no stunt. BRITNEY SPEARS is a friend of ours.

ET: Are you engaged?

Justin: No!

ET: Are you okay with this, all of the rumors?

Joshua: It is all a bunch of crap. Somebody made it up. I think that it is a crummy thing for someone to do. Somebody in Europe wrote it down and everyone just picked up on it. I think it is ridiculous that people go that far to bring attention to their paper.