Interview with Lance Bass and Meredith Edwards from the April Issue of Teen People

TP: How did you begin working together?
Lance: We used to sing together in a local revue group called Mississippi Showstoppers, and she old were you?
Meredith: Oh, gosh...eight, nine.
Lance: Just a little thing. This big voice coming out of such a small body-I was like, oh, my goodness! So I said then, if I ever make it, she's definitely going with me, and here she is.
TP: Growing up, who were some of yout role models?
Meredith: I remember watching Mariah Carey do a TV special and thinking, "I've got to do that." I also like Faith Hill and Reba McEntire.
TP: What's Lance's strenght as a manager?
Meredith: He doesn't sweat the small stuff. And he's honest. It helps to know that I have a manager who's trustworthy and who I consider a friend.
TP: Lance, what advantages does Meredith have with you as a manager.
Lance: I started when I was 16 (Meredith's age), so I understand more than most managers would. I have a lot of contacts too-Meredith's been on tour with Nsync.
Meredith: I was so excited. At one show I did, I looked out at the audience and saw 10 rows of my friends.
TP: Did you think it would be so much hard work?
Meredith: I watched Lance build up to his success with Nsync. Anything that's going to be good takes persistence, and I'm ready.