MSN live Chat- July 2001

Digital Dish Diva says: Today the MSN Music Channel and MSN Live are pleased to present a special chat with NSYNC, July's Artist of the Month.

Digital Dish Diva says: Hey Joey, how are you?

NSYNC says: I'm doing FANNNTASTIC!!

Digital Dish Diva says: Since we have SO Many questions, let's start with this one first.

soccergirl14lf says: I am having a hard time thinking what to ask. What question do you wish people would STOP asking?

NSYNC says: That question. (laughs) It's also sometimes, "How did you get the name" or "How did you get together?"

Digital Dish Diva says: "Celebrity" debuts next week. How are you guys feeling?

NSYNC says: Pretty exciting! We're waiting. We're hoping everyone will enjoy the CD.

Melissa_Rivas says: Why did you choose "Celebrity" as the title of your new album?

NSYNC says: One of the songs in the album is called "Celebrity." When you see the cover, it kind of pokes fun of us, and you'll understand.

Dotaro16 says: Is there a song on the album "Celebrity" that has a special meaning to you?

NSYNC says: I think they all do. One of the son

gs that is kind of happy and upbeat is "Do Your Thing." It's a fun song. Cut #13, lucky #13. NSYNC_licious says: Lance and Joey, what is "On The Line" about? I love you guys!

NSYNC says: It's about a guy that meets a girl on a train and doesn't get her name or number and goes on a quest to find her. I play the friend--Rod, and basically we try and help him find the girl. Girls call up and we go out with them to find her and when we do, she thinks it's a scam. I'm not going to tell you the rest . Lance plays the lead.

Digital Dish Diva says: When does the film debut?

NSYNC says: September 26th.

stacie_987 says: What's the worst "pick up line" you have ever used?

NSYNC says: "Aren't you one of the guys in the boy bands?" is the worst I've ever heard. I never use a pick up line. If she's really pretty I tell her she's pretty and I would like to get to know her.

absodifdsa says: Do you guys have any rituals you perform before concerts, on the tour bus, etc.

NSYNC says: Not so much on the tour bus, but before the concerts we pass the hackeysack around. We stay there until we get a hackey.

NSYNCluvr0 says: What is the coolest place you have ever been to?

NSYNC says: South Africa is really cool.

Justinluvr06 says: Who is the coolest celebrity you have met so far?

NSYNC says: Janet Jackson is really cool.

Guest_scooby01 says: What part of your day is the hardest?

NSYNC says: I think doing everything, like right now with all the soundchecks, talking to press, meet and greets, getting ready for the show.

Digital Dish Diva says: What kind of things do you like backstage?

NSYNC says: Normal food. (laughs) Normal like macaroni and cheese, we don't like fancy stuff. We like Pop Tarts and cereal, the norm.

YVilla says: Who wrote "Gone"

NSYNC says: Justin and Wade.

JBaehler says: What is it like to try to keep a relationship while in the group and touring?

NSYNC says: It's very hard, because you're always away so it's hard to keep a serious relationship.

elizabth8th says: Who produced "Pop" and who thought of the idea for the video?

NSYNC says: None of your business. (laughs) Just kidding! Justin and Wade wrote it. All of us came up with the video idea, different bits and pieces. Wayne Isham interpreted it the way he did and that's how it came out.

Rosebud859 says: What is in your CD players right now?

NSYNC says: Journey's Greatest Hits.

JustinUrsoFine says: Do you still ever get nervous before you perform?

NSYNC says: No never.

superstardivall says: Do you feel that your music has changed?

NSYNC says: A little bit.

LisaB1975 says: How many hours are you on the road in an average week?

NSYNC says: I wouldn't even know. We're mostly there MONTHS. We're on the road a lot. Driving wise, each time we drive it's about, depending on where we're going it could be 6 hours to 12 hours every other night.

SpiffyTootsie says: Which song is your best song that you made so far?

NSYNC says: The a capella song that we sang together was "I Thought She Knew."

StormyDay3 says: Do you like to hear your songs or is it embarrassing to hear your new songs on the radio?

NSYNC says: It's kind of cool. It's weird to hear it. It's interesting to hear your voice and your songs. It's kind of cool though. Not so much in a club though because people will be dancing and want you to dance to your own music, but that's too weird.

shortyjordie_14chic4life says: What is the most fun making the video?

NSYNC says: Yeah! It was interesting. For me it wasn't that fun because I hurt my leg and couldn't do much dancing. But the set was neat and it was a lot of fun.

Sting8rays says: Do you have to wear earplugs on stage to protect your hearing?

NSYNC says: We have ear monitors and it does protect our hearing.

crazytick29 says: Is it true that Chris hurt his wrist, or is that a rumor?

NSYNC says: He hurt his hand and I have no idea how he did it.

NSYNCSTYLE264 says: Let's face it, you don't have a normal lifestyle. Do you ever wish you could be normal for a split second?

NSYNC says: We are normal people, we try and need a normal life, we go on vacation and visit our family. I think it's normal, it's normal to us. Busy, but normal.

lilazn6ur113 says: Who is the biggest prankster?

NSYNC says: Chris! Chris, Chris, Chris!

lilsweetie_23 says: What is your favorite thing to do in your off time?

NSYNC says: Sleep, go to the movies or go to the club.

IceAngel131 says: Are you guys excited about going to Europe? When was the last time you guys were there?

NSYNC says: Last time we were there was like last year. I don't know the exact month. Not too long ago we were in London and Japan.

FigureSka8ter7 says: Are you looking forward to singing with the Jackson 5 at MSG in September?

NSYNC says: Oh, heck yeah! I'm very excited! I have yet to meet Michael Jackson. I'm the only one that hasn't met him yet.

SlinkingTeby says: Joey, would you say "Celebrity" will break the record sales?

NSYNC says: No clue, we just hope it does well. We're not interested in breaking any records. We just hope people enjoy it.

bring_in_NSYNC_To_me says: Do you still get star struck when you see one of you idols and if so who?

NSYNC says: Yeah, we do.

NSYNC says: I'm more like, "Hey I want to take a picture!" I always love to take pictures because it's a thing to have and memories of meeting them, where we were, and what I said.

Rox530 says: Is Justin okay? What happened to the girl who jumped onstage?

NSYNC says: (laughs!) You heard that already? Holy cow! It's pretty interesting. Some girl happened to get up on stage on the ramp and went to hug Justin. We didn't know what the heck was going on or what she was going to do. So security came and took her off the stage and put her over to the side.

hotsunstar says: What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?

NSYNC says: I jumped out of a second story window onto a thin mattress. I landed safely though. The most dangerous thing I've done is catch my leg though.

greenbean1616 says: Does your voice hurt at all after a concert?

NSYNC says: No, actually it doesn't hurt me. I don't know about the other guys. Actually my voice is very warmed up and I can sing a lot higher after a show.

PeppemintTwist1313 says: What do you guys think of all the fan fiction sites that are dedicated to you?

NSYNC says: They're pretty funny. Sometimes they are fun and interesting. Some are weird. I have read a few before.

crimson_appelz says: What is your reaction to all the screaming crying girls when they freak out at everything you do?

NSYNC says: Very flattering. You kind of block out the screaming because it's kind of weird to have people scream for us. I hope they are having a good time, so it's good to see them yelling and dancing.

sitediva says: If you could have 24 hours to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? Love ya!

NSYNC says: I have no darn clue. I don't know. That's a tough question. If I had 24 hours, I think I would swim with dolphins or go skydiving, do dangerous things.

NSYNCANGEL121 says: What do you think is the most fun about being a pop star?

NSYNC says: Traveling, being creative on tour, stuff like that.

babelicious says: Do you ever get to see parts of the cities you visit?

NSYNC says: Sometimes. Now we get to because we work a day and have a day off.

JCsGirl118 says: Have you ever messed up during a live performance?

NSYNC says: Oh yeah, many times.

Digital Dish Diva says: Ever forget where you are when you are onstage?

NSYNC says: Not anymore because we have stickers and stuff and it's taped and written on stuff. But every once in a while we do forget.

littlemusicjr says: How do you keep yourselves amused and keep yourselves going when you are on tour?

NSYNC says: We just act silly. We've got video games, DVDs, TVs and stuff.

Rockstar2109 says: If all of you were cast in "Survivor," who would win and why?

NSYNC says: Me! I would win, just because I'm silly.

cherrybaby185 says: Who is your favorite opening act that you have had so far?

NSYNC says: They've all been really good. Eden's Crush, Samantha Mumba. . .They've all been really good.

NSinkloval3 says: When are you coming back to TRL?

NSYNC says: Who knows. I don't know. We're doing an MTV special though called "Road to Celebrity" that will be on Saturday 11 Central.

txgirlluvsnsync says: Who do you admire and why?

NSYNC says: My parents because they had to put up with me.

Lancedwifey1979 says: Is it true that Lance has a heart condition?

NSYNC says: No, it's not a condition. He did get sick and did have to miss like three shows but he's fine. It's just a heart palpitation.

CelebrityGirl72401 says: Is the cross on Justin's right arm a real tattoo?

NSYNC says: Yes, it is real.

floridachica32805 says: What's the funniest rumor you have ever heard about yourselves?

NSYNC says: I had a 4 yr. old kid. That was pretty funny. And I was dating Chyna.

Digital Dish Diva says: We are talking with Joey from NSYNC.

Lena547 says: What has been the most outrageous show you have ever done and where was it??

NSYNC says: The one that was really crazy was Rio with 400,000 people. Another was Cleveland where it was pouring down.

BecksterBaby says: Joey, how is your leg feeling?

NSYNC says: It's 10 times better. I'm able to dance around and I have a little scar, but it was good. I was doing rehearsals and a pop-up thing came up on stage and cut my leg.

CheerCutiePie04 says: Are all of you single as of now?

NSYNC says: No, not everybody is. Sme of us are dating. Chris and Lance are single.

scribefaerie says: How close are you guys outside of your musical careers?

NSYNC says: We're like brothers. When we have off days we spend time together at the movies or call each other on the phone. We still talk to each other even on the off days or when we're away.

NSYNCSRose says: Which award have you won is the most meaningful to you?

NSYNC says: I think the first ever at the American Music Awards for Best New Group.

accidentonfile says: Do you read the magazines that feature you on cover?

NSYNC says: Sometimes. If I have the time and have the magazine in my hand.

scorched_smile says: Do any of you have plans for solo projects?

NSYNC says: Not as far as solo singing. I know Chris did a track with Brian McKnight on his album. JC's producing. Everything comes back to NSYNC though.

rachelle206 says: Is your Pop Odyssey Tour going to be broadcast on TV?

NSYNC says: Not now. We're still on tour with it.

XZentric says: Will Hawaii be added to your tour?

NSYNC says: I don't know, I wish! We're not this time, but we've done it a bunch of times. We love Hawaii!

Rach515 says: Hi, Joey! Do you each have your own tour bus or do you go together

NSYNC says: Lance and I share a bus with my brother and JC and Chris share a bus.

crazy4boyzz says: Joey, are you going out with Samantha Mumba?

NSYNC says: No.

Digital Dish Diva says: Another rumor put to rest!

Flirtacious_807 says: How do you not get winded with all the dancing and singing at once?

NSYNC says: We just condition ourselves. We've been doing it for a while.

GinaLovesMike says: What is gonna be the next single from the new album?

NSYNC says: We don't know yet

. Cheerleader13197 says: How do you deal with annoying rumors?

NSYNC says: We deal with it day by day.

VWare says: Do you believe in fate or destiny, and do you think that you are fulfilling it right now?

NSYNC says: I believe in fate and destiny and a little luck doesn't hurt. You always think "What if I did something this way or that way"?

yanklover says: What is the thing you miss most besides your families?

NSYNC says: My own bed! (laughs)

Trinarissa says: Why isn't "Fallen" on the US version of the album?

NSYNC says: Because it's going to be on the "On the Line" soundtrack.

Dwong says: You guys are taking your music to another level. Does it mean that you are not going to sing songs by Max Martin?

NSYNC says: They did a couple at Cherion studios. They did 2 tracks "Tell Me, Tell Me" and the other one I forget the name though.

babe says: As far as choreography is concerned, who's the fastest to get the steps and who is the slowest?

NSYNC says: Justin is pretty quick. All of us pick it up quick. We all pick it up in a day. So that's pretty quick.

krazy_kellee_24 says: How do you guys keep from fighting all the time?

NSYNC says: Talking to each other, not blowing up in each other's faces. Just sort it out that way.

linzz31 says: What music video did you guys have the most fun making?

NSYNC says: "It's Gonna Be Me."

alison24OKCsays: What ever happened with the choreographer, Miles T. from the MMC?

NSYNC says: He did our first demo that we choreographed. He's still choreographing, but we don't know where though.

Nysnc10025 says: What was the first job you had in this business?

NSYNC says: I did characters for Disney. I was Tigger and Pluto at Disney World.

Rocka98 says: You say you live a normal life, but how do you meet girls?

NSYNC says: Just around. When you go to clubs, or at the movies. A lot of times we talk to people we know from our hometown. It's actually hard to just go out and date.

BabyGzC says: Does the group have access to computers like on the road and stuff?

NSYNC says: Yes, we do.

Digiatl Dish Diva says: What are your favorite sites?

NSYNC says: I honestly usually just check my e-mail.

jcisahottie says: What would you do if you weren't famous ?

NSYNC says: Working at flipping burgers. (laughs) Probably doing something in acting.

OneLuva4NSYNC1 says: How is the Superman collection going?

NSYNC says: Pretty good. I have a whole room.

Chasey322 says: Do any of the guys take their pets with them on the road? for company?

NSYNC says: Yep, I do. I take my dog, Nikita, a miniature pinscher.

heather21224567 says: On average, how many autographs do you sign a day?

NSYNC says: Over a hundred maybe, depending on where we are.

HeatherMT says: Are tickets still available for Challenge for the Children?

NSYNC says: Yes, they are. It's a charity event over a weekend. There's scavenger hunts and basketball games. We divide the money between different charities.

Digital Dish Diva says: Which celebrities will be there this year?

NSYNC says: Britney Spears, Ahmad Rashad, Soul Decision, Soleil Moon Frye, the list goes on and on. Someone was saying it's sold out, but it's not.

gritgirl00 says: What kind of professional vocal training have you had?

NSYNC says: I haven't really had any. I did in school, just choir and stuff.

fillie_chick85 says: Does it ever freak you out when you think about how famous you are?

NSYNC says: It's kind of interesting.

raiderGirl_0 says: Have there been times when you just wanted to quit?

NSYNC says: No, never.

Digital Dish Diva says: Any insight into the new CD before it's released on Tuesday?

NSYNC says: The album comes out on the 24th, and I hope you all enjoy it. I hope we'll see you during the tour while we're out there.

Digital Dish Diva says: Thanks for stopping by MSN. Always great to see you! We'll see you again soon!

NSYNC says: Thank you guys for being such great fans. We love you!