Justin & Elton John Transcript from TRL 1/11/02

Justin: If you were to get a Tattoo, what would it be and where?
Elton: Shoulder or arm and it would be a medusa

Elton: What is your most prized possesion?
Justin: (after yelling at a man that you don't possess women and they aren't a possession) My Voice

Justin: Who did you like working with best Me or Eminem?
Elton: We didnt really WORK together

Elton: Who would you sit next to on a flight to japan
Justin: My best friend Trace, or Michael Jordan

Justin: What are you most afraid of?
Elton: Heights

Elton: Who is your secret celebrity crush?
Justin: Halle Berry

Justin: What is your guilty pleasure?
Elton: Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Elton: What was you last dream?
Justin: Me and my friends were in school and we were running from a fire chasing us
Elton: so it wasnt a wet dream?
Justin: needless to say.. no

Justin:: What were you like as a teenager
Elton: I played soccer. left school at 16 and played in a band

Elton: Hollywood has decided to make Justin Timberlake story. Who would you cast to play you?
Justin: I get the Ryan Phillipe look alike thing alot.. i dunno.. YEAH Jack Black!"