That's When I'll Stop Loving You
Thats When I'll Stop Loving You

But Baby I love you" Justin cried to the love of his life that stood before him, a quivering mess. "Jay you know I love you, more than anything." Britney cried while brushing his cheek with her hand. "I just cant handle this anymore." "But don't you understand Brit it doesn't matter what they think, all that matters is that we love each other, please don't take this love away, please." Britney backed up and sat down on the couch, putting her face in her hands. "Don't you think its hard for me Justin. I love you so much but its getting unbearable. It hurts to love you. I never see you and if I do its in the news papers. Then everywhere I go I get called a slut or a bitch. What can I do about that Justin?" Justin got on his knees and took her hands in his. "I can't live without you Brit. I can't go on knowing that I can't call you and have you to talk to..." "There getting to my family Justin, MY FAMILY." "We can make them understan.." "How Jay are we gonna go and visit every fan and say please don't hate her cuz I love her."Justin stood up and smoothed his fingers over his now bald head. He missed his curls at times like these. "What can I do to show you that it doesn't' matter what they think. I love you Brit and you love me. We can't help who we love, its you and me not me and the world." "Justin listen to yourself" Britney stood up "It changed ever since we signed our contracts, we're in the public eye now, we have no choice." "I'll drop it Brit. You say the word and Im done. I can't live without you." Britney walked up to the love of her life and held him "I would never take your love for music away from you," Justin sighed heavily, "baby, you leave and you take away my heart, and with that goes all my love for anything." She took a deep breath and backed away still holding his hands. "You know the whole deal with soul mates is that they will always end up together, in the end. Justin we have responsibilities now. We can't just hide in a bubble and pray no one comes and breaks us out of it. We have to stay strong and finish what we've started, then we can really be together." Justin pulled her into his chest and kissed her head. "I can't let you go, not now. I need you." She looked into his glossy eyes with her own and held in the tears that seemed to be already flowing inside, "Im sorry," "No, no Brit please," she pressed her finger against his lips. " shhh" she pulled him close and started to hum. "long as sunlight lights the sky, like the love will be found in these eyes of mine. And I will shine that light for you. Your the only one, Ill ever give this heart to ... sing with me baby" Justin slowly looked into his girlfriends eyes and slowly started to sing "What im trying to say is nothing will change this, the'll be no time you wont find me there." Justin couldn't' sing anymore he could barely stand. His soft warm cheeks were stinging him and he couldn't let go. "Justin.. You will always have all my love." "I know" Slowly Britney let go of Justins hands and walked to the door. "Brit..." she slowly turned to her now ex boyfriend. "I love you forever." Britney tried to smile as tears fell down her face. "Ill love you always ... this isn't good bye." Justin gave a small grin while whipping his face "See ya Brit" 

Pain. Thats all he knew, all he could feel. That spark was gone. That energy, that charm was no where to be found. Where was Justin Timberlake? Lance sat pondering, watching his brother stair out the window of their tour bus, their second home. It wasnt his brother. He was replaced by a broken down man. No one knew what Justin and Britney had decided to do a month before. Everyone was busy with their solo projects or the present tour. But Lance could see it, to him a blind man could. No more feeling was being shown in his performances. No more laughter. Just silence. "Jay?" Justin slowly looked up at his friend from his seat by the window. He didnt answer. He felt as though his heart had been ripped from his chest, and that the knot that had found a new home in his throat disabled his speech at the moment. He didnt dare test it for fear that tears would come with the sound of his voice. Lance walked to the seat next to Justin and looked into his empty blue orbs. "Where are you?" Lance whispered. Justin stared into his friends eyes for a moment, then continued looking out the window. His solemn face tensing with every breath. His breaking point was coming soon and he could feel it. Lance didnt know what to do. He got no response from him. But with that no response came the confirmation of his fears. He was gone, and Lance was determined to bring him back. He reached out and rested his hand upon Justins shoulder. There it went, the trigger was pulled. The weight of the hand of his loving friend set it off. Tears escaped his eyes like wild fire as he broke down. "WHY THE FUCK CANT WE BE TOGETHER!" He screamed getting up from his seat, knocking over the table in front of them. Lance immediately stood up feeling a bit lost himself. "ILL TELL YOU THE FUCKING REASON! YOU! ALL OF YOU! AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" He proceeded to pick up his chair and threw it through the window smashing the glass into a million pieces. "IM DONE WITH IT ALL LANCE, WITH YOU, WITH THE EVERYONE, THE WHOLE FUCKING THING!" Lance grabbed his friend and tried to contain him but failed miserably. Two holes were already made in the wall and Lance prayed he wasnt next to be punched. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE?!" Joey yelled from the door. "I QUIT!" Justin screamed in his friends face while pushing past him. He walked out the door and off of the now stopped bus. 

This is the right thing." She told her self again and again. Another sleepless night. Britney turned to her side and embraced her pillow. She was right. The endless bashing of her family and name had calmed to a bearable point after the month of being away from her sanity. Justin. She closed her eyes harder than before and held her pillow tighter for more comfort emotionally than physically. If only a pillow could hug back. 3:30 am the read lights read on her alarm clock. Britney turned on her back and looked up at her ceiling. She took a deep breath while scratching her forehead. Just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. *RING* *RING* Britney jumped up and bolted towards the phone. "Jay?" "No Brit, its Lance. Sorry for calling so late." "Not like I was sleeping anyways." she mumbled. "What?" "Nothing, what's up?" "Is Justin with you?" "No, he's not. Why?" Britneys face immediately turned into worry as she slowly sat down on her bed, her finger entwined with the phone cord. "Something's going on Brit. He totally lost it today on the bus. Smashed the window and took off." Britneys heart sank at the thought of Justin alone. Hurt, with no where to go. "What's going on with him Britney?" "I.. I'm not sure." "What do you mean your not sure? You guys are going out." Silence. "Britney, you guys are going out. RIGHT?" Silence. "What happened?" "A lot that I really don't want to go into right now." "You don't want to go into it right now! My best friend through a chair though a window of a MOVING TOUR BUS, PUNCHED TWO holes in the wall, and is now MISSING! I'm sorry if you don't WANT to explain right now, but Britney, I'm not giving you much of a choice." Tears invaded Britneys eyes and she bit her bottom lip, trying desperately to not let her emotions get the best of her. She knew once she talked about that night the water gates would open and her talking would be no longer audible. "BRITNEY!" Just breath slowly, she told herself. "I'll find him." "HOW?" "JUST LISTEN TO ME DAMN IT!" Lance silenced. "I said I'd find him and I will! Just trust me!" "How can I trust you when I have no idea what's going on." "Well Lance," Brit wiped away the small tears running down her face, "I'm not giving you much of a choice."                                     4

Welcome To Albany read the sign on the lonely highway. Justin tightened the hood of his sweatshirt as he continued the never-ending walk down highway 87. He didn't know where he was going or which direction he was headed toward. Where ever this destination he was looking for was, he just prayed to every available higher source that he would get there fast. All he needed was to be spotted. What would he do? Where would be his shelter? It wasn't the fact that he was on edge anymore. The holes in the wall and cuts on his hand had washed all that away. Just seeing another person that wanted something from him was unbearable at the moment, he had nothing to give. He was now empty in his heart. The only things that filled his being were pain and sorrow. To him his heart wasn't even there, it was in Orlando. Probably sleeping. Justin looked up at the sky. The moon illuminated the night and gave it a fantastic beauty. He was thankful for that full moon because it served as a night light to his foreign surroundings. If only the moon could give directions. "I just need help! Just a little help." He said to the face that peered out from the glowing orb in the sky. The man in the moon had been his diary when he was younger. If only he was in Tennessee again. Younger, free from obligation, worry, heartache. "You look like you could use some help." Justin jumped and he felt his heart stop as he heard a voice come from behind him. He slowly turned to see a figure in the standing in the distance. "Im sorry I didn't mean to make you jump, you look like your a little lost." The figure came closer. Justin squinted his eyes trying to see her face but couldn't make it out. She too was wearing a hood. "Its that obvious?" Justin spoke out to the figure. "Well, usually when people ask the man in the moon for help they could use a little bit." She laughed coming closer. "How did y.." "So you need a phone?" the woman cut him off. Justin looked over the girl. She had the same body shape as Britney and her face looked safe enough. Don't judge a book by its cover, his mother would say, But what other choice did he have? "That would be great." "Ok, Follow me." He did as he was told until he found himself walking towards the woods. "Ahh, excuse me." The girl turned toward him, her hands in her pockets. "Where exactly are we going? If you don't mind me asking." "Not at all, to my house." "Your house is in the woods?" "No, Its on the other side. There's a path to it, its right through there." She pointed to a small clearing in the trees and Justin nodded. She continued to walk through it and he stayed close behind. 

"This is it" The girl said walking out of the path. Justin looked up and saw a huge cabin in what seemed to be a clearing in the wood. He scratched his head, "aren't we in New York" he thought to himself. They walked up to the door and the girl pushed it open. "ok, it wasn't even locked, this girls crazy." He said to himself. He followed her in the door and watched her turn on the lights from the doorway. "You can come in." she smiled, taking off her sneakers by the couch. Justin hesitantly walked in and sat down on the couch. "I'll go get you the phone." She said walking into the next room. Justin looked around. It was so plain. There were no pictures, no antiques, just flowers. For some odd reason, he had no fear anymore. It was like smell of the fresh flowers, some he had never seen before, put him at ease. The girl entered the room and passed him the phone. She was a pretty girl, flawless. She had beautiful blue eyes that just were, angelic. Her hair was brown and a little curl to it, it flowed to the middle of her back. Justin took the phone and took a deep breath. "Is it ok if I call long distance?" He looked up at her. "Long distance?" she asked. He shook his head yes. Didn't she know what long distance was? "Umm, sure." She said scratching her head, smiling. Justin smiled back at her and turned on the phone. He stared at it for a second. "Who should I call?" he thought. Justin knew he had a responsibly to his fans, and the group, shouldn't he call them first. He shut off the phone. "Britney" Justin repeated her name in her head. He wanted nothing more than to just go there and be with her, maybe she'd know what to do. "You look confused." The girl said, looking Justin in the eyes. Justin looked up at her, "That obvious huh." He smiled, rubbing his hand over his head. The girl nodded and smiled back. Her face suddenly lite up, "You know, when I have a problem I like to talk about it, Im a good listener." She said sitting next to him on the couch. "I think im beyond help." He joked and laughed a little. She smiled a perfect smile and Justin felt safe. "Well, I think I might have something that would help." She grabbed Justin by the hand and brought him into what seemed to be a kitchen. She brought him to the table and sat him down. Justin sat down and watched the girl go into her freezer and pull out a pint of Ice Cream. He laughed a little, watching her pull out two spoons. "I love ice-cream, Where im from they don't have any." Justin's eyes almost popped out of his head, "They don't have Ice Cream where your from! Where's that?" He laughed taking a spoon from her hand. The girl paused for a second, "Did I say no ice-cream, I meant no Good ice-cream from where im from." She stumbled. "But where not here to talk about my lack of good ice-cream, what seems to be the problem?" She said taking off the cover to the cookie dough ice-cream. Justin sighed and dug his spoon into the ice-cream, "Well its kind of hard to explain." She nodded and sat down across from him, "I've got all night." 


Britney looked out her bedroom window, wiping the tears off of her cheek. "Where are you J?" She looked out the window down to her front yard. The leaves rolled across the lawn and Brintey opened her window, letting the cool fall air in her room. Brintey took the air in and smoothed her small hands through her hair. "I miss you J." She sat down and leaned her head up against the wall, still peering out of the window. A small dove perched on the window and Britneys eyes widened. She didn't make any sudden movements, not wanting to scare it away. The dove sat there and looked around a bit, Britney smiled at the little creatures' curiosity. The dove started to sing a soft melody and Britney marveled at the sound. She looked up and the sky was a brilliant shade of purples and pinks as the sun slowly set behind the trees. It was beautiful. Although Justin's absence sent her heart in the pits of her stomach, The site in front of her made her feel as though something higher could feel her pain, and was trying to put her at ease. The warm breeze flew through her window making her hair blow, tickling the back of her neck like sweet kisses from her love sent from heaven. "Come home J" she closed her eyes and repeated her thought aloud, "Please come home." With Justin Justin scooped some ice cream out of the container and shoved it into his mouth. The creamy taste of cookie dough filled h is taste buds and made him smile. "Britney loves cookie dough" he thought to himself. The girl smiled at him, "Your thinking of someone you love," she smiled. Justin choked on his ice cream, "excuse me?". The girl laughed "Your thinking of someone you love; your eyes were sparkling just then." Justin's face flushed and he ate the remaining ice cream on his spoon. He nodded, "I got it bad." She smiled, "Then why are you so sad?" Justin looked into this mystery girls eyes. She looked so pure and so, well put together. How could she read him so easily? "We," he looked down at his hands. "We can't be together." The girl looked at him, took his spoon, scooped some more ice-cream and passed it back to him. "Explain." Justin took the spoon from her and smiled at her expression. "Our jobs make it very hard for us to be together." He said twirling the spoon around. "Its like everyone in the world is against it but us." Her eyes sparkled and she seemed to almost glow. "Maybe everyone in the world Justin, But I think I know some others that might like to see you two end up together." She grinned, eating some ice cream. He looked up at her confused, "that makes no sense" he thought to himself, but for some reason, her words brought comfort. The girl got up and put the ice cream back in the freezer. "I think you have a phone call to make, Im sure there's some people very worried about you." The girl picked up the phone and passed it to him. "There's a blanket and some pillows on the couch, your welcome to spend the night." She hugged him. "Everything will be fine Justin, goodnight." Justin looked at her in shock. How the hell did she know his name? "Maybe she's a fan?" Before he could ask she was already down the hall with what he thought had to have been her bedroom door shut. "Thanks" he whispered into the empty kitchen. He turned the phone on and prepared for a long conversation with Lance. 

"This better be good!" Lance groaned to his empty hotel room as he strectched out his arm, blindly searching for the annoying rinigin that was his phone. When his hand finally found it, he picked it up and slowly brought it to his ear, his eyes still closed, "Ma, ITS CALLED TIME DIFFRENCE.." "Lance? Its Justin>" Lance shot up in his bed, he eyes immdeiately opened. "Are you ok?" "I'm fine." Lance took a deep breath of relief. "Good, so I can kill you when I find you, Where the hell are you?" Justin looked around the house, "Good question." "What do you mean?" "Someones house in Albany New York." "Someones?" "You heard me." "Your in someones house and you don't even know their name?" Justin was silent "Damn Justin, do they know who you are?" "Actually, Im not sure." Lance ran his fingers through his hair realizing he was not going to get anywhere with his friend. He was so frustrated he could taste it. "Well, can you get details on where you are so I can come and save your ass?" He said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. Justin groanded. He didn't know where he was so how could he give directions? "Would you be able to meet me by the Welcome to Albany sign on highway 87 north tomorrow at noon?" Lance groaned, "You've got to be kidding me." Justin got a little annoyed, "Look dude you can meet me there or not ok, I know this isn't the best situation in the world, I realize that." He fumed, "But I don't know what else to tell you, will you meet me there?" Lance sat on his bed not knowing what to think. Of course he'd pick him up but he was scared for his friend. "Ill meet you there at noon." Justin took a deep breath and rubbed his tired eyes. "Thanks man. I owe you one."