Last Updated: 04/19/02
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inTheater Entertainment!

I usually try to avoid bombarding you guys with adds but this actually sounds pretty cool. It's a new an entirely new concert experience staring none other than *Nsync. There's also dancing, light shows, more. Go check it out!

Quote of the moment-
" think we're all progressing vocally, and on the next album there will be a bigger contribution from Chris, Joey and myself, we may have to lock the others in a room to do it, but we'll get there! "
- Lance
source: Pop World April 2002

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There's been some pictures that floating around of justin looking kind of beat-up. These were meant to be an artistic effect for Homme, a magazine that was pulled after the events of sept. 11th. I thought I'd feature the pictures so that no one would think hewas actually hurt. please don't view them if you think they might upset you.

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