Helping Hands 4 Children

The mission is basically for fans all around, to give back the love 'Nsync has given to their fans by getting 'Nvolved..this will come from hard work and dedication that each indivudual fan has. And we will know for our selves that it's for a good cause and that it's for 'Nsync's Challenge for the Children. The Helpin Hands 4 Kids Foundation is focused on raising money for Nsync's Charities. The founders/directors and advisors want to make it known that hard workand dedication usually pays off.

Gettin 'Nvolved
Rhea Lynn Sico
Founder/President/Director of Public Relations
The Helping Hands 4 Kids Foundation
MissioN-S.Y.N.C(Saving Youth 'N Communities):
Mission-'Nsync Founders: JoAnn, RheaLynn, Clare, Eliza, Sonia, Erin

The first online fundraiser will be "JRT wanna-be bandanas" they cost $15 and there's a sample picture below. For information on how to get one go to anchor