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~*~ I don't consider "Lance was seen with What's-her-face" to be important, so you won't find any gossip here :P sorry.~*~

Lance Bass has made plans to fly in a taxi mission to the International Space Station in November of 2002. If all goes well Lance will be the youngest person ever in space (is it just me or has he always been a little spacy?). Befor the mission he wil be required to spend five to six months in training near Moscow. It's also being rumored that the ordeal will eventually become a televised documentry.

The Elton John vid featuring Justin (scroll down a bit for more info) will premere Friday, January 11th. To promote the vid the two will appear on TRL.

This just in- the VHS (&DVD?) for On The Line will hit stores on March 26th (easy to rember cause it's only 5 days after March 21st- what *Nsync fan doesn't have that date pounded into their brain?).

Apparently the boy of *Nsync have wormed their way into the next Star Wars movie. So go check it out (as if you weren't going to already) but don't blink because they play Jedi nights fighting in the very distant and fuzzy background.

The music video for *Nsync's next single, Girlfriend, will be aired sometime on New Years Eve on MTV. The video has a drag racing theme mixed with back-alley dance segments.

So Far *Nsync has raised over $4,000 for NYC relief funds with the auction of several Auographed bobble head dolls. The regular dolls can be purchased at Best Buy for $9.99 each and more autographed figures will be avalable on ebay in the near future.

A song from the boys, I Don't Want To Spend Another Christmas With Out You, (that's a mouthful) is on the MTV Christmas CD which came out this October.

The next single off of Celebrity will be Girlfriend. It's release date is yet to be announced.

This November Justin taped a video for Sir Elton John's next single This Train Don't Stop There Any More." The 70's inspired vid features Timberlake as a lip-syncing young Elton making his way from the dressing room to an onstage performance.

*Nsync has been nominated for two American Music awards - best group and best CD. I think they're as good as won.

Comic book fan? Well if you aren't you will be. Justin and Chris make guest appearances with the X-men in "Bloodsport," issues #167 and #168. (weird huh?)

Apparently, though I haven't been able to find it, the "What's Going On" single (featuring *Nsync, Destiny's Child Ja Rule and more) hit stores October 23rd. It benifits AIDS research and victims of September 11th so please go pick it up.

New tour dates will be released on Valantine's day and the tour will start in April and run through the summer. I thought they'd be touring again sooner :( I have no idea of what it's gonna be like. I'm hoping it's not like POPODESSY again because I've already seen it twice :P

I've heared and therefor am not posative that Lance has a cameo appearance in the new Ben Stiller movie, Zoolander. If anyone has seen it and knows wheather Lance shows up or not let me know

It has just been announced that @ the end of next year's winter olympics in Salt Lake City *Nsync will be performing a 45 minute/hour set following the medal cerimony.

You'll soon be able to see *Nsync in @the movies with out having to treck to the nearest IMAX. Footage of their August 22nd POPODDESSY concert will be in thearters sometime in the near future so that, to quote JC,"Everybody can have a concert experience."

Micheal Jackson, Nick Carter, *Nsync and other artists are teaming up to record a song, the profits of which will be donated to relief efforts and to AIDS research- so please go buy this the second it comes out.

The premere for the Gone music video has been postponed out of respect fo all those affected by the recent attacks. It will instead air on the 27th and *Nsync will also be in the studios to introduce it.

The video for Gone will premere on september 17th on MTV

OK now the Micheal Jackson performance is on again. These boys are so hard to keep track of!

GONE i now on the radio! If you haven't heard it yet on your local station call and reqest it. Support the band you love!

*Nsync has canceled their appearance @ Micheal Jackson's upcoming concert in New York City because of a scheduling conflict.

The new single (if you haven't guessed already) will be Gone. There is no word yet on wen it'll hit the airwaves but the new version will be somewhat edited- similar to the way it has been performed lately.

*Nsync took home 3 teen choice awards. Congrats boys!

Joey has missed the August 6th & 7th concerts because he has been hospitalized for pnemonia- ya know it's not good if he has to miss shows- let's hope he gets better soon!

Over 1 million dollars (dr. evil voice) was raised @ this year's Challange for the Children

1,897,786 copies of Celebrity were sold during it's 1st week of availability

On the Line (the new movie featuring Lance and Joey)is set to be released on October 19th

Chris has broken his wrist during a recent POPODESSY concet in Dallas. Not to worry though- he's ok and the show will go on.

Check out what the producer of *Nsync's new single, Pop, had to say about the group Here

Tickets for CFTC III will be going on sale on June 16th at 10 am through Ticket prices range from $30 to $50 for each event. Two day tickets can be purchased at a discounted price of $65 to $85. PLUS If you have a valid concert ticket for *NSYNC's July 27th POPODYSSEY tour show you will receive $10 off the 2 day ticket for CFTC III.
-source: *Nsync official international fanclub

CELEBRITY WILL BE OUT JULY 24TH if they push it back anymore I will loose it!

Promoters have stated that the upcoming *Nsync tour has been delayed because of the outrageous size of the production. SFX has proclaimed it "the biggest musical undertaking in pop history." Apparently the stage is so huge it requires 88 trucks to be moved. "Quite honestly, them dropping from the ceiling with 'No Strings Attached' was pretty fantastic," said SFX representative Woody Graber of the band's last tour. "And I'm hearing that this is going to top that." For my horrible drawing of the stage click here

The "fuman crew" headed by Christopher Kirkpatric will be invaiding Toronto on May 3rd. It will be to lauch the clothing line @ Eaton's department stores. Staring @ 5:30 Chris will be doing a Q&A with fans and signing autograghs. More information will be anounced soon so check out

Justin Timberlake is in negotioation with FOX to play the scarecrow in a modern hip-hop version of the Wizard of Oz. Dorthey was origiononally set to be played by Brandy who backed out of the project and producers are now persuing Mya for the role. There is no word yet on when filming is set to begin.

The following is not confirmed:
The next *Nsync album will be called Illusion
The first single will be released for the radio between April 24th and 26th
The alum will be released on June 26th
*The group has stated the album will be either a may or June release so I thought it would be earlier but you know they're always wrong about that stuff

CFTC III will be held in Las Vegas, NV this year from July 27-29. I'll post the ticket info as soon as it's out.

During past tours *Nsync has held a "meet n greet" with their fans before each show. They've changed the fromat so now fanclub members, and the occational contest winner, can attend a "Sound Check Party"

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world... hey girlies dig out all your old barbie toys to use with your *NSYNC Fan Barbie

AAAAAKKKKKKK the new ablum is due out by may- when the new tour starts!!!! It will be called a Pop Oddessy though the album remains unnamed. Check out the appearance/tour page for the latest info

*Nsuck has been nominated for 11 Blockbuster awards!! yeahhhh!!! that's gotta be some kinda record!

Wanna know the plot of the *NSYNC comercial that will air during the super bowl? click here

*NSYNC was nominated for 3 grammy awards!!! click here to read more

A 17 year old had a plot to kill *NSYNC but was turned in by his mother click hereto read the article (or visit the article page)

Soul Decision are confirmed for the second leg of the *Nsync tour. The other group confirmed is The Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out hehehee
Lance also said Innosense and dream will be possible opening acts

*NSYNC plans to finish their next album by February! that means expexct it in May lol

*Nsync os slated to apear on an episode of the Simpsons (time to have a cow man!) the basic plot: they help Bart start a "boy band"

This season Lance will appaer on an episode of Friends

*NSYNC is starting to record their next record this month (sept.)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*NSYNC is shooting their movie this month! (ok that's not really news but I think it's cool- aug.)

3D versions of *NSYNC on your computer- i had no time to check this out so i have no idea- but click here 4 more info

*NSYNC has been nominated for 6 video music awards

What? They gone'n done it again! *NSYNC's setting more records with the most single sales on the 1st day for It's Gonna Be Me selling 510,000 copies!

Can't wait to catch *NSYNC again *Nconcert? HBO just not good enough? Well have I got good news! *NSYNC will have about 30 tour dates this fall, some of which will be repeats from the current tour. There isn't alot of info available right now but you can check out the article at

Clips from *NSYNC concerts are going to be shown at they consist of performances of I Want You Back, I Thought She Knew, I Drive Myself Crazy and It's Gonna Be Me. I'm guessin this will be there because MCC is a sponsor of the NSA tour.

There's a movie coming out called "Space Cowboy" staring Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones. G I wonder who's gonna be on the soundtrack for that. If you wanna see the trailer(the preview they show in thearters) which features the song of the same title clickhere.

People magazine is putting out an issue w/ who they think are the most eligable bachlors. George Cloony (what were they thinking?) will be on the cover but JC will be featured also.

The home video did not come out June 20th it will not be released until October 10th.

If you haven't seen it yet go here and watch *NSYNC's public service announcement.

There is a *NSYNC fans VS BSB fans Basketball game for Charity in NY please visit this site for more info. // july 9 \\

The import single for "I'll Never Stop" came out June 6th but a domestic 1 will also be available.

The *NSYNC marionettes can be ordered ($20each or $84 for the set + shipping & handling online here and will be in stores August 1st.

*NSYNC perform a duet with Joe (he also sang "Thank God I Found You" with Maria Cary and 98degrees)on his new album "My Name Is Joe" which hit stores April 18th. The song is called "I Believe In You" I got it and it's one of my favorite songs ever.