Get Involved

Get an awesome t-shirt like the guys sported on Rosie to show your support for the NY firefighters at

To make a donation to Challenge for the Children send it to this adress:

CFTC Charity Donation
PO Box 692349
Orlando FL
USA 32869

You can get an e-mail account at to help out the JT founfation or any other organization of your choice. Every time you check your mail there, $ is donated to the charity

***** muy importante******
please do not get involved with any charities collecting money to donate to *NSYNC related charities unless they are registered as official non-profit organizations themselves or have the permission of *NSYNC. Even though these people are trying to help they can get in serious trouble for collecting money and they can get *NSYNC in trouble. I am only posting lagitamite fund raisers