If you exhibit any of these symptoms you may consider yourself an obsessed nsync fan. Unfortunatly at the present time there is no cure for this disorder and it has been spreading rapidly. If anyone you know shows signs of this beware because it is very contagious and once you become an obsessive fan, there's no turning back, it only gets worse.

You screamed in the movie thearter when you saw the preview for space cowboys.

Your hearing has been damaged so much from attending concerts and listening to CDs at full volume that you now need a hearing aid.

Your whole wardrobe is from Fumanskeeto.

You've convinced your boyfriend that he would look good if he dyed his hair dirty blonde and got a perm and some blue contacts

You leave school "sick" to get a hanbill for *NSYNC tickets

You can resite the entire *N the Mix video from memory

Your friends refuse to go to the mall with you because they know you will spend the entire time gushing over merchandice

You spend hours working on your webite devoted to them(hehehee)

Your 80 year old grandmother knows all of their names

You and your friends break out into choreography when they play I Want You Back at the highschool dances

Anyone who speaks ill of "your boys" becomes a mortal enemy

Everytime you see timberland boots you think- my name is Lake, Timbatimbertimberlake

all your underware is Calvin Klien cause that's what Chris wears

You've spent $100+ on import CDs

Your favorite movie is Model Behavior

Your walls have been covered with posters for so long that you don't remember what color they are... or if you have wallpaper

Whenever you go to a birthday party you give the person NSA wheather they like *NSYNC or not

You insist that everyone calls you "butta"

You have nightmares involving Lou Pearlman

You listen to the Home for Christmas CD in July

You had a picture of *NSYNC put on your last birthday cake

You make your plans based on *NSYNC's TV appearance schedule

You bought a singing bass because it reminded you of Lance

You have the *NSYNC removable tattoos but you can't wait till your 18 so you can get a real one

You're saving your money to spend a year following *NSYNC on tour

You've ridden in every seat of a rollercoaster because *NSYNC's bootys touched the same chair

Because of you, your friends pug now answeres to Busta

You listen to Digital Getdown so much that you are no longer allowed on the internet unsupervised

You covered your snowboard with *NSYNC stickers

You bought a bottle of Abercrombie and Fitch Woods and spray your posters with it cause you heard that's what justin wears

You got a paper cup from Mcdonalds with *NSYNC on it and now you use it every day

EVERYTHING is "like woah"

You and your friends are planning a trip to New York City to kidnap Katie Curik because Lance thinks she's hot

Your computer has run out of memory because you've downloaled so many pix, wavs, mp3s ect.

Your diet consists completely of cerial, tacos, and butterpecan ice cream

You get teary-eyed every time you go by the place where you saw them in concert

You're redecorating your room so it looks exactly like the inside of *NSYNC's tour bus

You refer to the members of *NSYNC by nicknames. ex-"Wasn't Juju hot yesterday on TRL"

You never miss Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood because there's always a chance they could be on

Whenever you get your paycheck you break into song- "It's money, money, money!"

You've petitioned your lacal TV stations to re-air Sea Quest so you can see Joey

You can't order anything from Mcdonalds unless you can Supersize It

Your favorite college basketballl team is the Carolina Tarheels even though you don't watch callege basketball

You've began speaking with a Tennessee accent

You know thte names of all the members of the *NSYNC band

You can adapt the TUMH choreography to go w/ any song

You bought an *NSYNC marionette and carry it around with you every where

You saw them on the simpsons and now you wanna join the navy like JC

You've shaved you head to look more like justin

You have pet newts named dani and chris

You wanted to name your new baby sister Jaime Justina Josephine Christina... and call her JC for short

when you've added the words "Fatone, JC, Chasez, and 'Nsync" to your spellcheck. ***These were written by me so if u wanna use them please give credit to the site***
A coulpe of visitors have also helped me add to this so feel free to send me some of your symtoms