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1. What was the first song *Nsync ever recorded?
A. I Thought She Knew
B. I Want You Back
C. More Than a Feeling
D. Giddyup

2. What is Justin the most afraid of?
A. spiders and snakes
B. the dark
C. the backstreet boys
D. scary movies

3. Which two members have brother's named steven
A. Joey and Lance
B. Joey and Justin
C. Jc and Lance
D. Chris and Jc

4. What city is Chris origionally from?
A. Orlando
B. Buffalo
C. Boston
D. Pittsburg

5. In the darkest hour you made me proud...
A. stood up for me, for you
B. some say it wasn't worth the things we went through
C. so proud that I could know you
D. I was so proud to know you

6. What is the name of Lance's farret?
A. Dirk
B. Kirk
C. Slinky
D. Donnie

7. What is Lance's middle name?
A. James
B. Lanceten
C. Jamie
D. Lance

8. What is the first song they ever sang together?
A. I Thought She Knew
B. Now and Forever
C. The Star Spangled Banner
D. America the Beautiful

9. At what time (aproximately) was Justin born?
A. 3:30am
B. 11:00am
C. 1:20pm
D. 6:30pm

10. Who claims he once skied into a lodge?
A. Joey
B. Justin
D. Lance
E. Chris

11. which member died his hair blue for a No Strings Attached Concert?
B. Justin
C. Chris
D. Lance
E. Joey

12. which two songs were NOT both written by *nsync or a member of the group?
A. giddyup, no strings attached
B. digital getdown, I thought she knew
C. space cowboys, I'll be good for you
D. I'll be good for you, giddyup

13. What is the name of one of the guitar players in the *nsync band?
A. George
B. Mike
C. Kevin
D. Troy
E. Rubin

14. "I'm a snow bunny going down the slopes" was said by-
A. Joey
C. Justin
D. Chris
E. Lance

15. some dreams just fade away...
A. these dreams I'll never forget
B. like yesterday's sunset
C. some dreams will always stay
D. but I won't forget today

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