*Nsync Quotes- put them in your signatures, on your websites, or just say them over and over again till you ignore the heck out of your friends

"The "Digital Getdown" thing, literally, it's probably the safest way you can do anything. You're nowhere near your partner, so it's probably the safest way. And it was just -- it was just an exploration. It was just like...."-jc

"Well maybe, I say that because I like rumors - because we'll still be together 10 years down the road and those people who started the rumor look like asses."-chris

with a gay accent"We're into the backstreet boys"- joey

"These pants are so tight it feels like I'm having sex with myself"-justin

"I'm a ski bunny going down the slopes"- joey

"Lance broke the car...keep it on the downlow"- jc

"...I was going to say we're all fortunate to have each other but Lance has the sexy voice and the rest of us are fortunate to have each other."-chris

"Joey's dirty in more ways than one"-justin

"We not *Nsync we're *Nsuck!"-chris

"I'm a big fine woman why don't I back that thang up"-justin

"I do everthing you like to do. I just don't play hopscotch"- joey

"WORD!" -justin

"Those wack inveribrates will sting you. OLD SCHOOL!"- joey

"The worst feeling in the world is when you stick your head in a bowl of Jell-O and then don't wash it off. Now that's a bad feeling. It goes all sticky and crusty!"- chris

"I wear them once and throw them out. When you're on the road, you don't want to mix... I'm just so used to throwing them out that I wouldn't even think of washing them."- jc

"I've got he beef you bring the buns"- chris

"I have no ass"- justin

"We’re white boys, and we know it. Especially me,‘cause I can’t dance as good as the other guys." - lance

"Joey would make a hell of a good cheerleader." -justin

It would be funny if people said, "*NSYNC is so awful-they have bad grammar, they stay up after their bedtimes, and the ones over 21 drink alcohol." Yeah, we're evil, rotten to the core! Once I got a box of cereal and went straight to the prize-I don't wait for it to fall into the bowl!" -chris

I'm all about the Passion!- joey (on the line)