Lately, I've done a little thinking...

This section was created with the sole purpose of allowing visitors an opportunity to unleash all that &^%$@)&^ that they've been holding in. If you have something that's really been bothering you, whether it's Life related or an "nsync thing" click here and you can type it all out. You can either give the whole web your opinion by having me post your thoughts, or say it's private and I'll delete it right away.

Here's some stuff that visitors have really needed to get off their chests

Alias: bean
website: maybe someday

what's up: Jeez, I HATE AP, it is the gayest (if that is a word) thing that was ever invented. I HAVE no LIFE!!! I GET NO SLEEP. The there is dance, and I have met the biggest bunch of egomanaic bitches in my life! Ahhhh, feeling soooooo much better! Love ya V!
-this was obviosly submitted by a friend of mine :P