This really doesn't affect you unless you're a fanclub member cause they're usually the only people who get in (unless you have conections in which case you suck!)but here's all the info that's come from the fanclub recently

-from the march 9th email update-
*NSYNC will have a new format for what used to be called a meet and greet. There will be no meet and greet on this tour but they've replaced it with something even more fun for fan club members. They will be called Sound Check Parties. Here is a rough outline of how the Sound Check Party will work. Remember, this is a rough outline and the guys reserve the right to change it at any time. *NSYNC will sound check two songs as the private audience watches. What fun to actually be in the stadium before anybody else and see and hear *NSYNC singing just for YOU! After completion of the sound check, the guys will do a question and answer session. A microphone will be available in the audience so guests can ask questions. The guys will have their microphones on stage so everybody will be able to hear both the question and the response. During the Q&A time, guests will be allowed to take photos of the guys. Once the Q&A session is over the guests will be given a pre-signed autographed picture of *NSYNC as they depart. In multi-show cities the Sound Check Party will be on the first night ONLY. All guests must have a show ticket to attend a sound check party. You may still use your existing fan club request form to apply for these Sound Check Parties. We will still be drawing the winners for each city by lottery and we will still notify the winners only. If you win the lottery draw this Sound Check Party if for yourself only, no family or friends will be allowed into the stadium with you. Please make personal plans about how to meet up with your family and friends after the Sound Check Party is over.

-taken from emails from the fanclub to various members-
"Dear Maeghan,
I've been to many meet and greets and trust me.......this new format will be much better for fans. Up to 350 fans used to cram into a small room......for the people in the first row it would be OK, but for those at the back of the room, *NSYNC couldn't even be seen. No mikes were used so the questions couldn't be heard and you couldn't hear their answers. They didn't sing anything.....and people at the back of the room got meaningless photos as the guys were too far away. The autograph session was very quick and the guys had no time to actually talk with their fans....
We have changed the format because it needed changing. This is something that the guys requested so they could spend more meaningful time with their'll all be in the first one or two rows of the statium seats......about 5 feet away from the guys for the entire Soundstage Party. Trust me, this is much better!
You can look at the glass half full or half empty, as in all things in life....but I encourage you to trust me........this format will be much better. Get the word out for me OK?
Many thanks,

And one from Marie C:
"Have you ever been to a meet and greet? I have, they're not that great, about 200-300 people all trying to speak to the guys and get their autographs. I would much rather have a "special" concert where I could take photos and ask questions, this is a new idea put forward by the guys because they think it will be much nicer for the fans. I'm sure this session would last a lot longer too. The old M&G's are always so rushed."

-another from Gerri
"I think the problem is that there are a few non *NSYNC fans out there on the internet that are stirring up some bad blood. I've received some pretty nasty hate mail....... obviously not from fans of *NSYNC. These petitions are not good for the guys and they aren't based on correct information. You have indeed been misinformed. If I was a true *NSYNC fan I'd be finding a way to stem this negativity. What good does that do anyways........ how not nice.
You'll still be able to give your gifts to the guys...... they'll most likely be placed on the stage so the guys can have fun ripping into them while the Q&A session is going on.
*NSYNC was very generous with their former meet and greets. We certainly got as many as any other group (radio station contest winners, tour sponsor winners etc. Friends and family of *NSYNC would always be part of the M&G as well...... but most have about 350 fans. We check the database to make sure that members only have one turn...... to make it fair for everyone. Again, I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about who gets in to these things. I'm just so very thankful that *NSYNC is still up to meet with so many fans before such an energetic show filled evening.
We have lots to be thankful for with these guys........I know that true *NSYNC fans realize that. They are genuinely really nice guys.......and they deserve our respect and love.
Take care,

Personally I'm really happy about this. I went to a meet n greete back in July and it was really crowded and really rushed. I even asked *Nsync to sing (they were going to) but the coordinator told them they didn't have time:( So to those of you that have not been to a meet n greet or those of you who have been to one a while ago (because they WERE a lot different back in the day) I think you'll like this format much better. I want to go so bad!