WARNING: Do not read if you are going to a concert and want to be surprized.

*It's at least 3X as big as the NSA stage
*It takes a least 4 days to set up (reason for 1st Boston show to be canceled)
*There are 3 steel crews that go before the everyday crew to set up the stage
*There is 2 1/2 miles worth of moving walkway on the stage (idea of how absolutely GIGANTIC it is)
*The ramp dips down into the crowd in the middle
*"It is a massive collective of light and video machinations, blinking totems and pyrotechnic devices, banks and banks of computers and sound boards all over the place, a mother lode of technology, illumination and sound."
*It is as wide as a football field and taller than a suburban apartment building
*At the end of the walkway, there is a second "structure" that is 5 stories tall
*Yes, there ARE harness wires to fly the guys OVER THE CROWD! woowoo!
*There is a mechanical, don't ask...let's just say they're doing space cowboy....LOL
*The video screen in the middle is 3 stories tall, which means the stage itself must be taller that 3 stories.
*The second stage kind of looks like the eiffel

This info is courteysy of Jens_Nsync_pix>.