Show up visibly pregnant. When one of them asks when you're due, wink and say :oh, YOU know.:
Later, take the pillow out from under your shirt and ask them to autograph it.

Wear an infant strapped to your back. If anybody asks you about it, pretend like you don't know what they're talking about.

If Joey hugs you, jump back and scream "Bad touch! Bad touch!"

Stare at a spot on the wall just over Chris' left shoulder. Eventually, he will turn to see what you are looking at. When he turns back around, look away. Wait a couple seconds, then do it again.

Bring squirt guns. Fill them with kool-aid. Use them whenever one of them tells you a lie.

Bring your own bodyguards. Have them tell *NSYNC that they are not -
under any circumstances -
to touch you.

Pretend like you have narcolepsy and fall asleep whenever JC starts talking.
Yawn a lot.

Show Lance your business plan for the Krispy Kreme donut shop. Tell him you've done the hard part, now it's time for him to pitch in.

Repeat everything they say.

Stare at the ceiling and sigh a lot. When one of them says something to you, say "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening." Go back to staring at the ceiling.

Make up new names for them like Mookie, Bob, Waldo, Igor and Lorenzo. Insist on calling them by these names. Make them wear nametags.

Wear tap shoes. When they ask if you tap dance, look offended and say
"Excuuuuse me?"

Wear a tiara. Insist that they address you as "my lady."

Bring a magic wand. Tap Chris on the head. When he asks what you're doing, say "I was hoping you'd disappear."

Bring Pop Rocks and can of soda. Ask them if they want to see your head explode.

Before you leave, slip JC your therapist's business card. Tell him he looks like he could use it.

Wear a Barney puppet on your hand. Introduce it as your interpreter. Talk in gibberish and have Barney translate for you.

Bring the jacket you made out of old gum wrappers for Justin. Insist that he wear it. Cry if he refuses.

Wear a shirt with Jason's picture on it. When Lance introduces himself, scream "I will never accept you! NEVER!" and run away.

Wear latex gloves and a surgical mask. Draw a pair of big red lips on the mask. When they ask you about it, say "The better to kiss you with, my dear." Bat your eyelashes a lot.

Pick Lance's pocket, then tell him he shouldn't leave his wallet lying around. Five minutes later, do it again. Keep doing it until he catches on, then switch to another guy.

Respond to everything Joey says with "I know you are, but what am I?"

Bring a portable TV. Make them watch "General Hospital" with you. Do a running commentary on all the characters.

hehehee I didn't write these but wouldn't it be great to actually do some of this stuff? If I ever get meetngreet passes again I'm totally getting a group of people together...