Ticket Tips

Will you just die if you don't get tickets to the next *Nsync concert? I know the feeling so I've compiled this list based on my years of experience (lol! I'm 15!)

1. Know that most employees at ticket outlets are clueless. It's not really their fault. They only know what their management tells them and that usually isn't much. So speak slowly with them and don't expect them to be able to answer a lot of your questions.

2. Be educated! Get as much info as you possibly can beforehand. Find out what company is selling the tickets. It will probably be tickets.com or ticketmaster. Find out what policy they have, such as handbills, a lottery, or waiting in line. If it is a lottery or handbill policy don't camp out for days and then complain that you don't get to be first in line- you have to work with the system.

3. Get there early. Get there an hour or so before they hand out numbers or before tickets go onsale just so you can get organized.

4. Examine all your options. In order to get the best seats possible it's helpful to use several methods. Have one person call on the phone, another try online, and another @ a ticket office.

5. Don't get screwed! Figure out whose going with you before you buy the tickets. Do not buy tickets for anyone if they have not given you the money. Too bad for them because even if that person is a really good friend they could end up not paying you or deciding later that they don't want to go and then you're stuck with an extra ticket.

6. If the unimaginable happens, and you dont get tickets... I have a secret that might help. You have to promise that you won't tell anyone though. OK here it is- they release tix that were held for members of the band ect. to give people that they never used around a week before the event. Try calling that whole week and asking for tickets. Go to the box office rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy early that day and see if they have any. NO lie I have gotten really good seats this way. They also release the any unsold fanclub priority seats a week prior to the event.