Top 10 Reason's why JC's on crack
1. It helps him black out that one time he walked in on Justin "trying to kill" Britney
2. It helps maintain his girlish figure
3. It gives him an excuse for that one time when he and Lance...
4. It helps him overcome his fear of having thousands of beautiful girls throwing themselves at him
5. He can finally understand Chris's jokes
7. No one would ever suspect it because he's "afraid of needles"
8. It inspires him write songs like "Space Cowboy (Yippie Yi Yay)"
9. He became depressed when he finally realized he was in that boyband everyone was making fun of
10. He became even more depressed when Lance got a girlfriend

Top 10 Ways Justin, Chris, JC, and Lance plan on getting Joey out of the group
1. Slowly phasing out his vocal parts until he can be officialy listed as a backup singer
2. Switching his pants with a smaller size causing them to rip and lowering his self esteam
3. Fattening him up by feeding him too many "snacky cakes"
4. Having Lance pretend he has a girlfriend
5. Causing several "accidents" to occur on the POPODESSY stage
6. Training a replacement *coughwadecoughcough*
7. Convincing him he really has acting talent
8. Planting scantily dressed 16 year old girls in his hotel room
9. "Forgetting" to tell him about appearance and concert dates and hoping he'll get the hint
10. Convincing him it's OK to binge drink, get tattoo's, perice his eyebrow, and indulge in other "adult behavior" until mothers of fans begin to protest