When you want to create a site from scratch, it's a bit more complicated than copying and pasting. A series of codes called HTML is used to affect the way things appear to people who view a webpage. For example, if you enter the following into a page editor-

<center> <B> <font size=+2 color="#6600CC"> Chris Kirkpatric is a sexy B!+(H </font> </center> </B>

when people visit that page it will look like this-

Chris Kirkpatric is a sexy B!+(H

Now you don't have to memorize a gazillion different codes to make that page to glorify your self or your favorite band. There are guides that show you codes, what they do, and how to use them on this and many other sites. A good idea would be to open a progam like "wordpad" or "notepad" and copy, paste, and save codes for further reference. Also if you see something on a webpage you really like and want to learn how to do then right click with your mouse. Select "view source" and a window should pop up. This will show you the codes the author used to create the page. You may use this to figure out how to create an effect but don't just take stuff directly from some one else's page it's like stealing.

Ready for more?
Go here to view a list of some basic codes.