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:::[New Britney, 'NSYNC Songs Get On The Line]:::

Al Green, Mandy Moore, Christian Burns from BBMak also
contribute to soundtrack.

At this point, no one knows whether the movie "On the
Line," which stars 'NSYNC's Lance Bass and Joey
Fatone, will be a blockbuster or a bomb. There is
little question, though, that the film's soundtrack is
going to be huge.

The album, which hits shelves October 16, will feature
a new track from Britney Spears, and music by a
variety of artists including 'NSYNC, Mandy Moore, Al
Green, Christian Burns from BBMak and Richie Sambora
from Bon Jovi, a source close to the project said.

The first single from On the Line is the title track
by True Vibe, a supergroup made up of Bass, Fatone,
Moore and Burns. A video for the track was shot
September 7 in New York by Mark Webb (Green Day,
Live). The video will feature scenes from the film and
will loosely follow the movie's plot, which centers
around a young man who instantly falls in love with a
girl he meets on a train, and who then spends all his
energy trying to find her again so he can win her over
(see " 'NSYNC's Bass, Fatone Get To Big Screen 'On The
L' ").

"Basically, Lance is a nerd in the movie and Joey is a
bigger nerd," 'NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick said
backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards Thursday. "But
we can have lots of fun laughing at them when we go to
the premiere."

The soundtrack will also feature a new 'NSYNC song
called "That Girl," a solo tune by Fatone called
"Ready to Fall" and a song co-written and sung by
Kirkpatrick called "Falling," which Bass described as
"a beautiful ballad."

In addition, On the Line includes Al Green's new
recording of his classic "Let's Stay Together" and
Sambora's "Take Me On," which was co-written with
Aerosmith and Baha Men collaborators Mark Hudson and
Desmond Child, and country writer Gary Burr.

 Jon Wiederhorn

Track List
1. One The Line-On The Line Allstars(Lance Bass, Joey Fatone,Mandy Moore, and True Vibe)
2.That Girl (will never be mine)-Nsync
3.Under You-Trackside
4.Don't Look Down-BBMak
5.Let's Stay Togehter-Al Green
6.Let Me Be-Britney Spears
8.Do U C What I C?-Vitamen C
9.Ready To Fall Joey Fatone
10.To Be Able To Love-Jessica Folker
11.My Hit Song-Meliisa Leftone
12.Say You'll Walk The Distance-Robyn
13.Take Me-Richie Sambara
14.Can't Trust Myself-Blaque
15.Ready To Fall-Meredith Edwards