I will only be putting up artcles and interviews from sources that I feel are somewhat reliable cause I wanna aviod giving you any false info but I'm not guarenteeing that everything in these is true.


Rolling Stone-3/30/00

Entertainment Weekly-5/10/00

Entertainment Weekly-5/12/00

Teen People-7/28/00

Entertainment Weekly-7/28/00

Rolling Stone-8/1/00


Justin in USA Today w/ pic-10/21/00

random article about teen who plotted to kill *NSYNC-10/?/00

TV Guide-11/26/00- on Destiny's Chlid's next album?

Rolling Stone-12/?/00

Teen People-february 2001 issue

CD NOW-01/10/01

NY Daily News-01/30/01

Orlando Sentinel-02/11/01

Out Magazine June/01

YM behind the scenes Aug/01

Teen Poeple/October 2001

Enterainment Weekly 10/10/01 (On The Line)

Enterainment Weekly 10/17/01 (On The Line)

Cozmo/November 2001

Rolling Stone 12/13/01

Cozmo Girl/February 2002



Launch.com- sometime right before NSA came out



Teen People- April 2001

Entertainment Weekly- 5/18/01

MSN chat- July 2001

Fox Under The Helmet- 11/24/01

TRL- 1/11/02